About Company

OOO “Zevs” has been working in the sphere of commercial real estate for more than 15 years. The core team of the company is the specialists having rich professional experience in the real estate market. OOO “Zevs” does all their best to meet the clients’ requirements rendering a wide range of general and corresponding services.

Our History:

ООО “Zevs” was incorporated in 1994. The key stuff of the company consisted of the professionals having significant work experience in the rapidly developing industrial and administrative real estate market. Challenges of the unstable economic situation and the state legislation constantly being altered at that time required new approaches to making decisions. In such circumstances professionalism as well as team working skills of the company’s stuff have grown a lot.

In the results, without applying to mass advertising campaigns, OOO “Zevs” has been actively working in commercial real estate market. OOO “Zevs” executes their obligations accurately and strictly, that is why a big part of our clients apply to us having got a positive feedback about our work. Many companies once became our clients several years ago have remained our partners so far.

At the present time the activity of OOO “Zevs” can be divided into five main areas:

To buy real estate in Croatia on the first line of the Adriatic Sea in Istria is an excellent chance to enrich your life, lives of your children, relatives and friends with the beauty of the Mediterranean resort. The land plots on sale are for constructing villas. All land plots are located on the first shore line and have a well developed infrastructure. The construction of villas can be made under the standard design and also under an individual project. The land plots have got connections to all communications.

Depending on who you are – a family wishing to change life surroundings, a professional couple or a pensioner, Cyprus offers you wonderful lifestyle while our company gives you a chance to choose a real estate object of high quality and for a reasonable price. We will provide you with the best service and guarantees for real estate objects in Cyprus.

And at last we would like to draw your special attention to our activity in Finland. Currently our company has got a more than wide range of real estate offers in this country.

Our company together with the Finnish administration of forestry offers land plots on the whole territory of Finland supposed for construction of cottage settlements, gulf clubs, hotels, various resort centers as well as objects for industrial or storage purposes.
You can choose a land plot of the required square and any real estate object located in Finland on our website.

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