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Catalog of Real Estate in Croatia

With us Your dreams will come true: You will have Your own villa on the Adriatic seashore.

All land plots on sale are for construction of cottages on the shore of a picturesque bay.

Croatia is a wonderful country located between the Mediterranean Sea, Alps and Pannonia. On the north the country borders with Slovakia and Hungary, on the east and on the south – with Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the south it has a common border with Montenegro, on the east –with Serbia. On the west it is washed by the Adriatic Sea. The length of the seaside is 5835 km, 4058 km out of which are the length of islands, smaller islands and sea rocks.

The privileged location of Croatia is proved by its neighboring position to European states. If You are fond of shopping You need just to drive 100 km to reach Italy, if you like mountain skiing then drive just 230 km towards Austria, a 580 km drive will lead You to Switzerland and their famous Swiss banks, and if You want to enjoy Venetian canals it’s possible to do within just 2.5 hours voyage by sea or 2 hours trip by car.

Croatia is one of a very small number of countries where civilization has not totally conquered virgin nature yet. Its resorts are considered to be the cleanest in the world and many Croatian beaches are rewarded with UNESCO “Blue Flag” sign. The seawater here is very clean, fauna both underwater and terricole is surprisingly diverse attracts thousands of hunting and fishing-lovers as well as divers fond of exploring sea bottoms as crystal water lets see the bottom at 50 m depth.. Croatia has a reputation of one of the best countries for diving. All big sea towns of the country will offer You all the facilities to practice popular windsurfing.

You will get an unforgettable impression of the Croatian resorts such as South Dalmatia, Middle Dalmatia and Istria, where Istria plays an outstanding part and deserves our special description.

Istria is the biggest and the most interesting resort on Adriatic seaside. The climate here is mild; even in August You won’t find here typical Mediterranean heat, that is why this region is recommended for families with children and elderly people for living all the year round. Istrian air is absolutely health-giving due to numerous pine parks all around. Istria is famous for its splendid seaside, picturesque hills and grapes plantations which are used in production of such wine brands as “Teran”, “Pinot”, “Malvasia”. The most well-known and popular Istrian places are Pula, Poreč, Rovinj, Umag, Fažana, Rabac, Novigrad, Vrsar, Brijuni islands.

Istria is a center of rich culture and history. According to the archeological discoveries the first human traces were found in the cave Sandalj which is not far from Pula. There are many medieval towers and walls built on high hills with marvelous views over the whole peninsula. Besides, Istria can be proud of the smallest town in the world – Hum.

From here you can visit one of the main Croatian sights – Plitvice lakes and archipelago Brijuni. Brijuni islands make a marvelous resort area consisting of 14 islands. They have a status of national parks; its harbour is the place of mooring of various yachts, including luxurious ones of sheikhs’ and of Roman Abramovich’s. One of the tourist attractions here is the residence of the former Yugoslavian leader – Josep Broz Tito. Nowadays the residence is a museum. There is also a safari-park, an inhabitance of many animals; this park used to belong to Tito too. Brijuni islands are just 15 minutes travelling from Fažana if to go by power-boat.

Russian citizens don’t need a visa to visit Croatia and to enjoy all the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. All You need is a foreign passport and a voucher, the entry to the country is free of charge. Croatian people are friendly, tolerant and very hospitable to people from Russia.

Buying a land plot and constructing a house on the Mediterranean seaside will cost you two times less here in Croatia than buying and constructing the same house in Spain, for instance. Only in Croatia you can build your own house on the first shore line along the whole shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

Real estate owners in Croatia do not pay a property tax.To buy real estate in Croatia on the first line of the Adriatic Sea in Istria is an excellent chance to enrich your life, lives of your children, relatives and friends by the beauty of the Mediterranean resort.

The land plots that we offer for sale are for constructing villas. All land plots are located on the first shore line and have a well developed infrastructure. The construction of villas can be performed under the standard design and also under the individual projects too. The land plots are connected to all communications.

Apart from the search and sale of real estate objects in Croatia we can also offer the following services:

  • assistance and guiding in real estate deals
  • legal support
  • schemes of settlement optimization
  • design and construction works on Your land plot
  • registration of legal entities which founders are non-residents.

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