Land plots and cottages in Finland

Real estate offers in Finland

  • Land plots for construction of a cottage community – complex cottage construction in Finland
  • Other commercial real estate in Finland
  • Land plots for individual dwelling construction in Finland
  • Cottages in Finland
  • Apartments in Finland
  • Exclusive offers
  • Our offers on construction of cottages

Nowadays the features attracting Russian investors to Finland are: the stable economics, safety of investments, effective and understandable legal system, respect of private property and guarantee of rights in this country.

Our company will help you execute your investment plans on the Finnish territory.

Supportive investment climate, hospitality and beauty of Finland will assure you in making your choice in favour of this country.

About the country:
Finland is an independent republic located on the north of Europe, on the south and east it borders with Russia. The length of the land frontier is 1269 km. The population is 5,2 million people. The state languages are Finnish and Sweden. The total area is 338 145 sq. m, there are 187 888 lakes and 179 584 islands.

Main tourist places:
Finland is famous for its rivers, lakes, splendid nature, ski resorts: Himos, Vuokatti, Ruka, Tahko, Ylläs, Levi, Saariselkä and others. Also Finland is known for its rich history and culture. Tourism is highly developed here.

Cooperating with Forestry Administration of Finland our company offers land plots for different purposes: construction of cottages, golf clubs, hotels, resorts, holidays centres as well as logistic centres and stores on the whole territory of the country.

Besides selling large land plots we also deal with smaller ones for construction of individual cottages supposed for temporary or all the year round living in.

Let you dream “NATURE-HOUSE-FAMILY” come true.

Search of real estate objects is made upon and in accordance with your enquiry or order. We deal with both legal entities and individuals.

Apart from search and sale of real estate objects in Finland we also support in:

  • the whole deal procedure
  • legal aspects
  • scheme of optimal payments settlement
  • foundation of a legal entity in Finland
  • filing land and construction documentation
  • turnkey construction.

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