Land plot “Bol’shevik” in St. Petersburg

OOO «Zevs« offers two land plots with area 8,95 and 18,11 hectors for individual dwelling construction. The land plots are located in Kolpinskiy district at the border with the settlement Petro-Slavyanka. 3,5 km drive from the encircling road (КАД). 900 m — from the railroad station Petro-Slavyanka. This area is being rapidly developed: new infrastructure objects and roads are under construction (Sofijskaya ul.). One of the land plots advantages is their good transport access. They are just 30 minutes drive from the centre of St. Petersburg. The land plots are connected to the main city communications (electricity, water supply, sewage, gas). Our offer is the best combination of living in the country and having all the privileges of the city.

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